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Unknown Specimen 2 is one of the new specimens encountered in Endless Mode.


He is a brown animatronic otter with a perpetually open mouth.


Otto lacks a chase theme, the only indication of his presence being his deep belly laugh. He enters the room very quickly but slows down when the player looks directly at him. He deals a very small amount of damage on contact.

If the player's health bar is depleted by the specimen, they are met with a jumpscare where his face fills the screen and shakes violently.


  • He is based on the animatronic characters from the horror game Five Nights at Freddy's, namely Freddy Fazbear who shares his demonic laughter.
  • Due to his low damage and low speed, he appears to be a joke character.
  • He is spoof of the FNAF fan games and drawn to look more like fan-art than actual game graphics.

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