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Specimen 9 (A.K.A. Taker) is a randomly encountered specimen in Spooky's House of Jump Scares. It can appear anywhere from Room 51 onwards.

Where it was originally encountered and how it was contained is unknown, but it was supposedly killed and dismantled by GL Labs due to it being too difficult to contain.


Specimen 9 is a skull-shaped mass of clay that accrues mass by devouring helpless victims. It moves by floating while waving from side to side as if taking steps, but has two visible appendages which may be shoulders or legs.


Starting from room 51, players may occasionally enter a room branched into three paths: a door to the left, a dead end to the right, and a long dark hallway straight ahead.

Traveling down the dark hallway will make the walls gradually close in until the player can no longer move. After another second or two, Specimen 9 will appear at the end of the hall, then turns and quickly rushes to the player with a disturbing, electronic sound, filling the screen with its face. Most of the screen is red, with a huge wall of text composed solely of "TAKE THE DEAD TO", which references the fact that Specimen 9 "Takes the dead" to take more dead/victims, at least according to the CAT-DOS.

Aside from this, Specimen 9 can appear in any room if the player stays idle for a certain amount of time. If this happens, Specimen 9 will give a sound warning for its arrival before appearing from the room's door, and will begin to chase the player, though it will not kill the player immediately. However, it still moves very fast and deals roughly 60 damage. Because of how deadly it is, it is highly recommended not to stay idle in any room for too long without pausing the game. This rule does not apply to the Karamari Hospital DLC. No matter how long one stays idle, Specimen 9 will not show up.

At the end of the game, Specimen 9 transforms into a humanoid version of itself, and attacks the player in a "final boss" battle in which he has a variety of unique moves, each move getting stronger the more injured he is.


"AMPUTATED MARSHMALLOW", plays when Specimen 9 rushes to the player.
Amputated Marshmallow
"SOUR LEMON", plays when Specimen 9 kills the player.
Sour Lemon


  • Specimen 9 appears to have modified or corrupted its own CAT-DOS entry, implying it may have psychic or supernatural powers.
  • Specimen 9 is one of the three specimens that can kill the player on contact, the others being Specimen 7 and Specimen 12 while inside the mansion.
  • It is also the only specimen to attack the player in any room if they leave the game idle for too long.
  • As of now, Specimen 9 is the only specimen deemed so hard to contain that it had to be dismantled.
  • Specimen 9 is the only specimen that can kill the player in safe rooms (the elevator, CAT-DOS room, Minigames room, etc.)
  • Specimen 9 and Specimen 1 are the only specimens not to have a themed room and can be encountered any time throughout the game.
  • A Cat-Dos Easter egg, which can be triggered by going into "Modify House Layout" 6 times. After done doing that, go into Specimen 9's data, and you will see random results of other "Specimens".

Specimen 9 (Boss Form) is the final boss of Spooky's House of Jump Scares.


Specimen 9 in Boss Form is a large red humanoid creature that resembles an "evolved" form of the regular Specimen 9. It looks like a human male without skin.


During the boss fight, Specimen 9 will cycle through three different moves. They appear as follows;

Its first attack involves creating 3-6 holes in the floor from which screaming pillars with distorted faces blast out, damaging the player if they so happen to be on top of one of the holes.

After this, it will create some large shadow hands that stretch out across the room, following the player. After a short bit, the hands will stop, and smaller hands will shoot out the larger shadow hand, potentially damaging the player. This attack also spawns smaller enemies who can easily be defeated with a single axe swing.

Its third attack rapidly shoots balls of energy at the player. You must deflect the energy back at Specimen 9 using the axe. Successfully deflecting the energy will immobilize Specimen 9 for a short period, leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

He will eventually rise back into fighting after that short period; cycling through the attacks again. The attacks become deadlier and harder to evade as the fight continues. After enough hits, the boss will be defeated, and the game will end.


"FRIED CALAMARI", Specimen 9's boss battle music.

Fried Calamari


  • Specimen 9's energy orb ability is a nod to Ganondorf's Dead Man's Volley attack from the Legend of Zelda series, in which you must deflect the energy orb with your weapon back to the boss, making it vulnerable to attack.
  • The hands shooting out from the shadow hand on the floor are left hands closed to fists. Left-handedness is classically seen as more evil (from Latin "sinistre", lit. "left-handed").
    • Coincidentally or not, Spooky is also usually depicted as left-handed.
  • Before the Boss Battle, the player goes through a white room where a radio announces "I'm taking all those 'logs' they keep throwing out. And I'm nailing them together." and the number 731 appears on a wall. This is likely a reference to the infamous Japanese Unit 731, which performed horrific experiments on prisoners during World War II and referred to their test subjects as "logs" while the 'nailing together' part seems to be a reference to how Specimen 9 gains more mass as it "takes the dead".

Spec 9

Spec 9 (Boss Form)



The balls of energy that Specimen 9 shoots became red rings.




The specimen seems to appear earlier than before while the player stays idle, is much faster and instantly kills on contact.


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