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Specimen 7 is a hostile enemy in Spooky's House of Jump Scares, encountered first at Room 411, which from the player's perspective, spans several rooms.


Specimen 7 appears to be a large, moving, red-and-black wall of distorted images that resemble skeletons and corpses.


Upon closing to the end of Room 410, the Cat appears in a dark room, which has an illuminated door at its other end, to give the player a cryptic warning.

Upon entering the door, the player sees themself in a flesh-like hallway. After exiting this hallway, Specimen 7 will start chasing them. From that point on, the player must run through a series of twisted corridors with shifting images along the walls, created by the player's mind under the influence of Specimen 7.

Though slow, Specimen 7 kills the player instantly on contact.

CAT-DOS states that it is "only effective on subjects with a past trauma or mental issues".


"STRANGE WIGGLES", Specimen 7's chase theme.

Strange Wiggles


  • Rarely, Specimen 7 can turn into a normal wall.
  • Sometimes, the Rooms which Specimen 7 "corrupted" can be very glitchy (e.g. transparent walls).
  • Rarely, other Specimens may appear alongside Specimen 7 during the chase.


  • The Cat's relation to Specimen 7 is unknown; for some time, the cat was suspected to be Specimen 7 itself, and may indeed be a part or a consequence of its existence, sort of like a psychic Good Cop/Bad Cop.
  • Specimen 7 is visually similar to Giygas's final form from Earthbound (or Mother 2) while its behavior may be a reference to a similar mind-world flesh wall chase from Penumbra: Black Plague.
  • In the 2.5 update, the player no longer stays in Room 410 for the duration of the chase: it now progresses.
  • Specimen 7 doesn't have a death screen, along with Specimen 3.
  • Specimen 7 can be encountered one time only, along with Specimen 13.
  • It is one of three specimens that can instantly kill the player on contact, the others being Specimen 9 and Specimen 12 while in the Mansion.
  • The art for Specimen 7 is recycled from another project Akuma Kira was working on.
  • Bizarrely, it seems other Specimen can spawn and begin to chase the player in the Flesh Hallway right before Specimen 7 spawns, meaning that, if one is 'lucky' enough, they can be chased by two Specimen at the same time, as shown in the gallery.
  • Specimen 7, along with Specimen 13, are the only two specimens from the original game not found in Endless Mode.
  • Specimen 7 may also be a reference to the Wall of Flesh, from the popular action-adventure sandbox game, Terraria.


Unlike the original game, the specimen is 10 degrees inclined


The rooms during the chase became a bit darker than the original game


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