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Specimen 2 is the first hostile enemy encountered in Spooky's House of Jump Scares. It first appears at Room 60.

Appearance Edit

Specimen 2 is a semi-solid, humanoid figure. It has a dark-green color with a bright green outline with various bits of its body appearing to be a gel-like substance while the rest is solid. It has a somewhat emaciated appearance, shown by its protruding rib cage and collar bones. It lacks a face, save for a lip-less, open mouth which shows its long teeth. It has no legs or feet, and its torso simply extends downwards, ending in a rounded shape. Its left hand is always up as if reaching for the player while the right hand ends in a rounded stump at the wrist.

Gameplay Edit

Specimen 2 first appears in Room 60 after the player has read the note on the table. The note, in suspicious red text, reads:

"Spouting, Splashing, Soaking.

Innards, Ingest, Invoking.

Nailing, Never, stops the Choking"

After reading the note with the poem, Specimen 2 will appear behind the player. It floats towards them though it can be lost easily if the player is fast enough. It spawns puddles of green slime on the floor that slow the player considerably, giving it a chance to catch up. It can also float through walls and over holes. Upon being hit with the Axe, Specimen 2 will float away from the player for a short period.

When the player gets killed by Specimen 2, they will be presented with a screen rapidly flashing red and grey, accompanied by static sounds and text reading:

"I know what you have done, and what you have yet to do. But it's alright, because I'm inside you now. We are one but I am many...".

CAT-DOS records Specimen 2 as being most effective against slower and/or weaker subjects.

Audio Edit

"UNKNOWN HUG", Specimen 2's chase theme.

Unknown Hug

The choking sound, alerting the player of Specimen 2's presence.

Gel Wake

Sounds heard when Specimen 2 is near the player.

Gel 01
Gel 02
Gel 03
Gel 04

Specimen 2's death screen sounds.

Blood Stained Giggle

Trivia Edit

  • Specimen 2 was inspired by the Lub-Glub monsters from the cartoon Adventure Time.
  • Specimen 2's puddles will not spawn in the abyss maze rooms.

Appearance Edit

Gameplay Edit

Specimen 2's speed and strenght remains unchanged from the orginal game, hovewer he gained few extra features:

  • Sometimes, rather than entering through the door, Specimen 2 may appear from one of the slime puddles, it will come out only after the player walks past the puddle.
  • Specimen 2 can no longer pass through walls, hovewer, it can still float above gaps.

Trivia Edit

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