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Monster 7 is the seventh monster encountered in the Karamari Hospital DLC for Spooky's House of Jump Scares.

Appearance Edit

Monster 7 is a transparent, black humanoid creature with no physical features. Monster 7 sits upon a stained, crimson armchair.

Gameplay Edit

Upon first sitting in the chair, a series of visionary and auditory hallucinations will haunt the player for around 10 minutes; with the hallucinations progressively becoming more intense. When sitting in the chair, the player is unable to move; although they may exit the chair at any time. Doing so will reset the experience.

Ambient music will begin to play. Hypnotic particles arise from the ground as the room becomes darker. A blood trail stretching from the door to the player will gradually appear. When trail becomes fully visible; a humanoid, pale face will fade in and out of the player's vision. After 10 minutes has passed, the player will be forced out of the chair. As of now, Monster 7 will sit in place of the player.

The player can kill Monster 7 with the sword, allowing the player to sit in the chair once again. Upon doing so, the screen will violently shake and eerie screams can be heard. Soon after, the player is killed with a note saying:

"You awake in a wasteland not meant for you, The ground underneath you screams. The sky above violently pulls you. And the air around you presses down, trying to worm it's way in."

Audio Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Monster 7 is the only monster that disappears after one hit from the sword.
  • Monster 7 is the only neutral specimen in the game.
  • He is one out of three enemies from the DLC that can be safely touched without damaging the player, the others being Monster 4 while hanging and Monster 1 while guarding.
  • He, Monster 1, and Monster 2 are the only monsters from the DLC not included in Endless Mode.

Appearance Edit

Gameplay Edit

Trivia Edit

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