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Monster 6 also known as her unofficial name Bekka is the sixth monster encountered in the Karamari Hospital, the DLC for Spooky's House of Jump Scares.


Monster 6 appears as a tall, pale-skinned woman. She has a smile that almost stretches across her entire face, long black hair, and no eyes. She wears a black, floor-length gown with a dark red pattern on the front that resembles innards. Her hands are black and featureless except for her fingers, which are covered with blood.


Monster 6 is a secret monster encountered while going down the endless corridor in the basement. If the player walks down the corridor for a long period of time, she will slowly appear at the end. Once the player is close enough to Monster 6, she will jumpscare and kill the player, leaving a message:

"Don`t get up before Saturday".

Endless Mode

Monster 6 appears in the main game's Endless Mode, being one of the many creatures who can randomly engage the player in a chase. During the chase, a dark, foggy overlay limits the player's vision. Monster 6 deals around 1/3 damage to the player. Monster 6 does not pause in-between attacks, leaving little room for error. This makes dead ends and head-on collisions with Monster 6 very hazardous.


"BEKKA AMB", Bekka's chase theme.



  • She is the only enemy that cannot be killed with the Sword.
  • She is also the only enemy from the DLC and the 4th enemy in game that can kill the player in one hit.
  • Her corridor will still appear when Monster 4 chases the player.
  • Monster 6's name, appearance, and death screen could be a reference to celebrity Rebecca Black and her infamous song, "Friday".
  • She is functionally Identical to Specimen 9's regular form, although the corridor does not close in on the player.
  • She is the only monster in the DLC that doesn't have a 3D model.

Bekka New

Bekka Old




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