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The house's mysterious Laboratory, and the employers of Generic Lab Assistant. GL Labs is presumably owned and funded by "Spooky". They are responsible for containing, classifying, and studying the house's various specimens to grow an army of ghosts. They also seem to have created the CAT-DOS as a means of recording their data.

The current state of GL Labs is unknown after the escape of Specimen 3, however since CAT-DOS updates itself somewhere between Room 100 -- where it first appears -- and Room 300, it is safe to assume the surviving lab members simply changed locations.


Warm Hands and a Gentle Stab, the GL Labs theme.
Warm Hands and a Gentle Stab


  • GL Labs is humorously similar concept to the SCP Foundation, most likely a homage.
  • There are also a number of parallels with Aperture Science from the Portal series.
  • If Spooky is a hologram, as is hinted at in the game's trailer, it could mean that "Spook", the apparent boss of GL Labs, is somewhere in the building, watching the player's every move and pulling all the strings.

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