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As of July 21 2015, the final rooms have been added.

Rooms 910-994

First, the player is in a large room with fountains to the sides. The walls are black and there is hardly any light, rendering navigation difficult. The notes seem to come from scientists studying the mysterious recent deaths of whales. The door at the end leads to a corridor with two doors, one locked with a password and the other leading to a view of what seems to be either a great tank or the ocean. A whale passes by the window, after the player picks up the note in the room.

The door on the right of the first room leads to a corridor with two doors. Inside the rooms are more notes, including one with the password, and a lantern which allows the player to see better in the dark. When one comes back to the password door and inputs the code, one can turn down the water pressure to open the metallic door in the main room.

The player is then in a flooded room with one last note, and a locked room. After finding the key and opening the locked room, Specimen 13 plunges inside the water and starts chasing the player.

It chases the player through flooded rooms and floating crates until about room 930.

Rooms 995-1000

At room 995 is the savepoint room similar to the ones found every 100th rooms (some new posters may appear, to confirm). Then at the final room is the door to freedom that takes the player "outside", with a blue sky and green prairies. Then the sky seems to crash with an error message as Spooky appears. She seems disappointed that you survived, but when she hears Specimen 9, she sends you on a final test "to prove your fortitude or dedication. Or something".

A door appears and the player finds themselves in a short, white hallway that leads them to a small area with a radio on white table. A voice says, "I'm taking all those 'logs' they keep throwing out... And I'm nailing them together". To the right is a door that the player can go through that leads to a hallway with many doors, but only the door at the end can be pushed open. The door leads to a room with 3 other doors and again only the door straight ahead of you can be opened. A small panel says 731. Going into that room triggers a cut scene of Specimen 9 transforming. The player is then transported to a room with no doors and the new form of Specimen 9 floating in-front of the player.

Click here for further boss battle information.

According to the game's creator, there are 2 endings :


Good Ending: The ceiling collapses and kills the player. Spooky appears to tell the player that they died and became a ghost, and announces that she has enough ghosts for her army and that they are finally ready. Spooky was building an army with the intention of stopping people from calling her "cute" and "adorable".

Bad Ending: Spooky transforms the protagonist into a specimen.


  • The final boss fight is very similar to the boss fight with Ganondorf of the Legend of Zelda series, particularly as seen in Ocarina of Time.


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