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Epic spooky painting by stylishkira

A painting of Spooky (update 2.7.1).

When the player is in Room 210, they find themselves in a room with little light, red walls and metal doors. Behind the metal doors, there are different adjacent rooms. Most of them contain notes about an unspecified group performing rituals to "appease the darkness", and that they were only doing what "Mother" told them they had to do. One of the rooms, however, has bloody walls and seems to be reminiscent of conception inside a uterus. Apparently, the ritual failed because the girl was not "pure". At the end of this room, Specimen 5 appears to chase the player for the first time. Specimen's five particular effect only starts in Room 211, however.

In Room 250, the player is sarcastically congratulated by Spooky, who leaves a present for their progress. The present says "Look behind you". When the player looks back, some Specimen 1 appear. It is possible to start the game in Room 250 from the settings menu, by inputting the password "PUMPKIN".

The rest of the rooms randomly contain the specimens met so far.

Audio Edit

"Warm Hands and a Gentle Stab"
Warm Hands and a Gentle Stab

Trivia Edit

  • Room 210 has a strong resemblance to the otherworld in the video game Silent Hill.
  • In Room 210, there is what is believed to be Han Solo from Star Wars trapped in carbonite. Many believe this is an easter egg.

Gallery Edit

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