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Rooms 100-150

Starting at Room 120, the player has entered an area of the GL Testing Labs. The first room contains two locked doors, and one readily available to explore. Once the player opens the unlocked door, they are greeted by a long hallway featuring many test subjects floating perpetually in green glass tanks. Upon inspection, one can notice that a single tank has been busted open and is empty of its content. At the end of the hall is a small room that has a Key Card and a note from a Generic Lab Assistant claiming that Subject 5 (Specimen 3) is becoming restless and that, without enough sedatives to keep it calm, they cannot keep it here safely. Spooky ignores the Generic Lab Assistant's request for more funds and floated up through the ceiling laughing. A blood stain is present on the floor. After unlocking the other door via the recently acquired Key Card, there is another large smear of blood on the ground, along with the Generic Lab Assistant's last report. It says that Subject 5 has now escaped and that they heard a "clicking noise" that seemed to grow louder as they wrote the note. When the Player starts to leave the room, a clicking noise is heard, and Specimen 3 then appears from a hole in the ceiling and starts to chase the player.

Once the player reaches Room 150, they find an elevator with a save point.

Rooms 151-199

Specimens 1, 2, or 3 can return to keep the player on their toes until they reach Room 165: the abandoned Japanese school.

The atmosphere changes immensely, as the player now carries a flashlight. In the classrooms, shadow figures stand idle and will attack the player if they touch one. They are invisible without the flashlight. Notes are spread around on the different student tables. They seem to come from the specimen's original location and talk about a ghost who supposedly eats tardy children, including a child called "Matsuri". Upon getting to the exit, Specimen 4 appears behind the player and her chase theme starts playing.


"Warm Hands and A Gentle Stab", The Lab theme.
Warm Hands and a Gentle Stab


  • In earlier builds of the game, the fetus-like creatures seen in the green tanks of the lab area were decapitated raptor heads, identical to the grey ones found on posters in the classroom areas.
  • The GL Lab is probably a reference to the horror game SCP - Containment Breach. The keycard has "Class B" written on it, which resembles Containment Breach's system of numbering keycards. (i.e., the bigger the number, the higher the keycard's level is. Each class of personnel has their own keycard level.)
  • In some of the classrooms of the abandoned school area there is a poster of the character Kyubey from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and in the same area, there are pencil doodles of anime characters next to some chalkboards. One appears to be the Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku.
  • At first, the post-it notes in one of the classrooms seem innocent, with "ネコ", "犬", "魚" and "バグ" meaning "cat", "dog", "fish", and "bug", respectively. "悪の傷", however, roughly translates into something along the lines of 'evil wounds'.
  • A poster in one of the classrooms of room 165 says the following: "学校 敦青は敦青なした私たちはすべてのクジラ、うめき声出血クジラが、何もあり、重要です。私は男に来意味。" The translation is hard to decipher.


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